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In the schedule below, readings are annotated as in the following examples: M(1)~Meadows chapter 1, F(3)~Ford chapter 3 and R&G(2)~Railsback and Grimm chapter 2. Assigned readings should be completed by the end of the week on which they appear in the schedule, i.e., prior to the next week. 'Grad Readings' are assignments for graduate students only.

Schedule Content Practice
Week Date Topic Text Readings Other Exercises Discussion
1 Aug 29 Introduction to Modeling M(Intro) 10p
F(1) 14p
R&G(1) 10p
Reading: Complex Systems Discussion Questions
2 Sep 5 Introduction to SD modeling M(1) 24p
F(2, 3) 14p, 8p
Video: 'Modeling Step by Step' Intro to 2-5 Population Growth
Discussion Questions
3 Sep 12 SD Basics M(2) 40p
F(4,6) 8p,12p
Video: 'Modeling Step by Step' 3-1 to 4-5
Grad Reading: Computational Models Overview
Logistic population growth
Solution: Q1
Solution: Q2
Solution: Q3
Discussion Questions
4 Sep 19 SD basics
Netlogo introduced
F(7, 9) 10p,18p
R&G(2) 17p
Predator Prey Dynamics
Discussion Questions
5 Sep 26 SD Intermediate modeling F(8, 20,21)
7p, 12p, 22p
M(3) 12p
Grad Reading: Climate Social Model Simple climate model
Data file for model
Discussion Questions
6 Oct 3 Homeostasis
ODD protocol
8p, 8p, 9p
R&G(3) 11p
Collapse model
Solution Part 1 Solution Part 2
Discussion Questions
7 Oct 10 ABM Basics M(4) 24p
R&G(4) 12p
Undergrad Reading: COVID SD model
Graduate Reading: HANDY SD model
Undergraduate SD Project: Covid model
Graduate SD Project: HANDY model
Discussion Questions
8 Oct 17 First ABM R&G(5,6)
12p, 18p
Video: Game of Life
Video: Fundamentals of Netlogo (3:21)
Video: What is agent-based modeling? (5:56)
Video: Tools of Agent-based modeling (6:53)
Mushroom hunting
Solution: Mushroom hunter
Video: Mushroom hunter model (41:19 min)
Video: Plotting in NetLogo (6:39)
Discussion Questions
9 Oct 24 Emergence M(5) 33p
R&G(7,8) 4p,13p
Video: Fire model (8:59)
Video: Schelling's model (9:37)
Video: Overview and info tab (6:14)
Butterfly Hilltopping
Solution: Butterfly Hillopping
Video: Butterflies ch 4 (39:09)
Video: Butterflies ch 5 (40:23)
Discussion Questions
10 Oct 31 Observation M(6) 21p
R&G(9) 10p
Video: Interface Tab (8:05)
Video: Turtles part 1 (6:02)
Video: Turtles part 2 (2:58)
Video: Patches and links (6:46)
Butterfly Hilltopping: Observation
Solution: Butterfly Hillopping: Observation
Discussion Questions
11 Nov 7 Sensing M(7) 21p
R&G(10) 15p
Video: Code Tab (7:45)
Video: Properties (5:56)
Video: Agent sets (13:02)
Grad Reading: ABM for COVID
Undergraduate NetLogo Project: Fire model
Graduate NetLogo Project: Fire & forest model
Discussion Questions
12 Nov 14 Adaptive behavior & Parameterization R&G(11,20) 11p,13p Reading: Unintended consequences
Video: Simple Economy (2:07)
Video: SE: Control (4:43)
Video: SE: Set up (4:16)
Video: SE: Go (4:11)
Video: SE: Transect (2:05)
Project time Discussion Questions
Nov 21 Thanksgiving Break
13 Nov 28 Understanding & Analysis, Sensitivity & Uncertainty R&G(21,22,23) 1p,12p,15p Video: Reporters (7:03)
Video: Graphs (4:22)
Video: Analysis (10:08)
Video: Wrap up (3:33)
Grad Reading: CA for Fire
Project time Discussion Questions
14 Dec 5 Modeling Summary & Future Directions Website: Planet of the Humans
Youtube: Planet of the Humans
Project time Discussion Questions
15 TBA Final Exam: 15 Dec 10:30 to 13:15