Research Lab



Greta Savitsky. PhD student, 2021 - present. Project: Modeling boreal forest dynamics with respect to fire, carbon storage and climate change.

Charlotte Uden. PhD, 2021 - present. Project: Modeling northeastern forests with respect to fire, climate change and indigenous management practices.

Grace Burnett. Honors College Undergraduate, 2023 - present. Project: Incorporating human behavior into climate models.


Harold Eyster. Postdoc, 2021 - present. Project: Modeling bird population dynamics with respect to urbanization and climate change.

Past Lab Members

Serge Wiltshire. Postdoc, 2020 - 2023. Project: Modeling regenerative agriculture in the Vermont landscape.

Sarah Grobe. Honors College Undergraduate, 2021 - 2022. Project: Incorporating transient landscape dynamics into computational models of carbon sequestration.

Maike Holthuijzen. Ph.D. student, 2017 - 2022. Project: Statistical downscaling of climate change projections. Maike is now a research scientist at Sandia National Labs. Dissertation

Ramiro Barrantes. Postdoc, 2018 - 2019. Project: Bayesian reversible jump MCMC.Ramiro is a research scientist at the University of Vermont.

Gabriela Bucini. Postdoc, 2011 - 2018. Project: Remote sensing of savannas and statistical downscaling of climate data. Gabriela is a research scientist at the University of Vermont.

Carrie Pucko. Ph.D. student, 2007 - 2014. Project: Effects of regional climate change on forests in the Green Mountains. Carrie is a senior lecturer in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Georgia. Dissertation

Guoping Tang. Postdoc, 2008 - 2010. Project: Using ecological models and global climate model data to predict the future distribution of vegetation in New England in response to global climate change. Guoping is now a professor at the School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-sen University, P. R. China.

Kimberley Beal. Masters student, 2006 - 2009. Thesis: Increased tree-cover at New England treelines associated with regional warming: Evidence from historical photographs. Kimmie operates an organic farm in Maine.

Jens Stevens. Masters student, 2006 - 2008. Thesis: The role of fire disturbance in the invasion of south Florida pine savannas by Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius). Jens went to get a Ph.D. and now works for the US Forest Service. Thesis

Dan Gavin. Postdoc, 2005- 2006. Project: Distinguishing between the predisposing and inciting factors that have led to the observed decline of forests in the Green Mountains using dendrochronological techniques. Dan is a professor at the University of Oregon.

Ben Osborne. Masters student, 2003-2005. Thesis: An upward shift in the deciduous-boreal ecotone during 40 years of warming in the Green Mountains. Ben is a forester for the New York City Parks Department.