Trauma Talking

Brian Beckage
21 September 2021

People puzzle me,
How they move so freely
Talk so openly
Trusting, oblivious…
They must be wolves,
Clever and cunning
Feigned indifference,
Hiding their true intent
Their natural predilection to violence
Waiting for an opportunity—
A turned back, a lapse in attention—
To unleash themselves and attack,
Cutting deeply into flesh and soul.
But I am ready, awake, and aware,
Trained in the combat arts,
Combat dagger tucked away,
Pistola in the truck, just in case.
But then I think,
They are just sheep,
Stupid and naive,
Blood waiting to be spilt,
And I am the wolf,
Watching and waiting
Ready for the turn to violence,
That I am sure is to come.
Any moment, any time,
And I am vigilant,
Feigning indifference,
As I wait for it to start,
And grow tired of pretending
That I am one of them.

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