Night People

Brian Beckage
4 September 2021

I love the night.
what lies out there in the dark?
Who knows.
I don’t.
I like not knowing,
Not needing to know,
Not feeling that I should know.
It frees my spirit,
To fly, unencumbered
Silent and unseen,
Like an owl,
beneath the forest trees.
No need to get things done,
No pressures of the day,
No expectations,
No bosses, no supervisors
No one to please,
But yourself
Just be, breath, and be
Who you are.
My soul rejoices in the dark stillness,
Of the deep recesses of the night,
The 2am’s and 3am’s
free of obligation,
No one watching, no one awake
Alone with the universe
In the universe,
Bathed in the sounds of
katydids singing beneath a blanket of stars
The trees, the earth, the sky,
and me.

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