Brian Beckage
May 1, 2020

Waiting for the end.
Zitka, Ebola, corona, h1n1.
Climate catastrophes, Ozone holes
plastic overrunning the ocean.
3 billion, 6 billion 10 billion,
How many more?
Wage slaves and billionaires
Homeless cities under the overpasses.
Work harder and longer,
But only to sink deeper in debt.
5 billion years of evolution
And only this to show?
Maybe go and burn some cars
At 5 corners
across from the police station.
Maybe sell some meth like mr white...
Move to Alaska or
Lose yourself in internet porn
Or od on fentanyl.
Don’t know what to do.
Count my breaths and dream of ancestors
Trying to show us a better way.
I’ve seen them
Riding at bears lodge, a wisp in the pines,
Prayer flags in the trees
Saying to me I see you, I am here,
there is a better way.
I see you too. I hear you.
there is a better way
I have dreamed it,
it has woken me in the night,
I feel it, but I have not found it
Not yet in this world.
I count my breaths
and dream of the ancestors,
And look for a better way.
Its there. I have seen it.

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