Morning Shot of Espresso

Brian Beckage
21 Apr 2021

I think about hope
And how important it is,
Like caffeine,
to even care
to keep on keepin’ on.
But sometimes when
I have no hope
I sit on the floor and wait
For nothing, empty, surrendering to it all.
I sink into nothingness
and watch, like a child,
the sun move across the floor,
the dust float in the the sunbeams,
Each like a galaxy in a universe.
An ant wanders across the curves and lines
And soft edges of the rug I rest on.
Leaves flutter and sparkle in the wind,
Just outside my window,
A raven calls from a tree top,
And I awaken and look
For the problems that weighed me down.
I see them but they are light and carry no weight.
My waiting done , I get up
sip on a iced tea
brew a shot of espresso,
Lightness and light,
And get on with the day
And feel joy to be part of it all.

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