Genocide of the Mind

Brian Beckage

You are nothing,
Invisible, voiceless,
Of no consequence.
poor, old, a sinner
Don’t work hard enough
aren’t good enough
native enough
Fat and sweaty, disgusting
Who could like you, love you?
You are nothing
No one, nobody,

I try hard to matter
To be someone.
To belong.
For respect.
To be seen, heard, liked,
loved. I try
but it doesn’t matter.
It don't change.

Fuck all of you
I’ll kill you first chance I get.
Piss on your corpse.
Hate burns a hole in my heart
Melts my bones, warps my mind.
Saying Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
Over and over and over
Powerless in its power
All I want
Is to kill you, motherfucker,
first chance I get,
so you might see me.

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